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Brandy Montgomery

CEO/Principal Interior Designer 

The Vision for 1123 Matte Black was birthed from Brandy spending over a decade in the Corporate World and occupying spaces that did not display anything that she felt like she could identify with. Nothing spoke creativity, nothing represented her culture, nothing spoke happiness, nothing SPOKE (thus our company tagline WE CREATE SPACES THAT SPEAK)! Brandy was determined to create both residential and commercial spaces that SPOKE to the clients brand, personality, lifestyle, experiences, culture, and etc.  

Immediately after retiring from the Corporate World, Brandy began treading the world of "Interior Design". She  began her career in the Design Industry as an Interior Stylist. Brandy's taste as a designer was initially very traditional as a result of growing up in the South where Traditional Design was a norm. Brandy's taste has evolved over time to Modern Contemporary.

In 2021 Brandy transitioned Brandy Landry Interiors, which initially functioned as an independent Interior Styling company, into 1123 Matte Black which now functions as an Interior Design + Build Firm. 1123 quickly became an award-winning well sought-after firm due to their ability to continuously execute seamless projects from start to finish. People often inquire about the company name. 1123 is the date of her late father's birth and death. Her father was indeed her business bestie. Using her father's Alpha and Omega is definitely how Brandy intends to bring her father along with her on this journey. The Matte Black portion of the company name is based on the fact that Brandy consistantly uses black as the base color for many of her projects. Brandy says often that matte black is both timeless and exquisite much like the brand that she has built. 


Brandy has most recently developed '1123MB THE Collection' which is a luxurious custom line of wall covering, drapes, fabric, and throw pillow covers that can be displayed in both commercial and residential spaces to add that elegant and exquisite pop of "EXTRA"! This collection definitely allows 1123 MB to offer a level of customization to their client's projects that is unmatched.


Brandy and her talented and solution-driven team have gracefully mastered the beauty of collaboration with other talented professionals in the industry who help to  enhance the Design Experience that 1123MB strives to create for their clients. 


One fun fact about Brandy is, she absolutely loves Granny Smith Apples and Honey Roasted Peanut Butter!  

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